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7 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year

7 Things to Let Go of Before the New Year

What if you had made that one career move you’ve always wondered about? Spoken up more at last week’s meeting? Been less critical on that first date? Waited for him to initiate the relationship talk?

Like many people, you may be familiar with several nagging what-ifs. Sometimes, they may even seem to run like a soundtrack through the back of your mind, never letting you fully relax into your true self.

It’s time to let them go — now, before 2019. To help you, I’ve been blogging this month on the top things that I find hold my clients back. In each post, you’ll find a powerful technique to help you break through your roadblocks in your career and your relationships so you can hit the ground running in the new year.

So, here’s what you should let go of before 2019…


1. Grudges at the Office
Your office may be full of opportunities to get ahead, but conflicts can hold you back. Try this simple trick to let go of even the biggest grudges. READ MORE

2. A Fear of Exploring All Your Career Options
If you’ve secretly been daydreaming about going to grad school or changing jobs for a while now, it’s time to tackle your career options head on. READ MORE

3. The Idea That Certain Traits Can’t Be Changed
Have you “always” had a fear of public speaking? “Always” been late? With a little cognitive rewiring, you can change that in no time. READ MORE

4. A Potentially Outdated Professional Image
If your personal style is stuck in the last decade, it could be compromising your success. Is it time to invest in yourself? READ MORE


5. Exclusively Dating Before He Commits
Feeling frustrated that he hasn’t brought up commitment yet? Here’what to do to keep things moving. READ MORE

6. Hiding Your Desire for a Long-Term Relationship
Do you sometimes pretend you don’t want a long-term relationship that bad so that you won’t come off as desperate? Here’s why you shouldn’t. READ MORE

7. Not Dating When You Actually Want a Relationship
Tired of being the bridesmaid and not the bride? This dating strategy will help boost your chances of finding the one. READ MORE

What do you want to let go before the new year? Tweet at me @DrChloe_ and I’ll give you my advice.